Laboratory Data Integration

TSJG has experience across the spectrum with exchanging data between laboratories and their partners. We have both technical and managerial experience, with the State, Federal and International programs. We have provided technical expertise in LIMS configuration, Terminology, Data Brokering, Standardized Messaging, Systems integration, Data Design and Training. Our Project Managerial expertise includes, Technical Assistance, ELR Implementation, Data Collection, and Program Management of Informatics staff and inter-agency data exchanges.


Solutions include:

Interoperability Services

TSJG has several years experience in facilitating laboratory data exchange from disparate laboratory data and formats. We have helped labs communicate with one-another, with federal agencies and public health departments. We have provided assistant to labs to implement Meaningful Use for ELR.

Data Standards Implementation

Our messaging and terminology experts can work with laboratory personnel to standardize terminology and implement messaging standards, in order to facilitate data exchange and expanded use, as well as meet funding program requirements. We have particularly vast experience in HL7, LOINC, SNOMED

Data Exchanges

TSJG has worked with Federal and National agencies to Develop and Implement data exchanges for National and intra-state laboratory networks. We provide data design services as well as Program Management expertise that can facilitate and managing cooperative applications, policies and procedures that support inter-agency data sharing.


Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS/LIS)


Besides basic LIMS configuration our consultant have experience in OpenSource LIMS/LIS products. We have experience in LIMS data extraction and data brokering, and data conversion. TSJG consultants also have experience in LIMS training.